To support a chimpanzee means to provide your sponsored/adopted friend with the food and the vet care he/she needs monthly. Fees are of 15USD/month and sponsoring can be done for a minimum period of 6 months. Online sponsoring pack includes your Adoption Certificate as well as the Biography and a recent picture of your new fiend. Also, regular updates of your sponsored chimpanzee are usually sent monthly via email.

Today, 7 orphans of J.A.C.K. are waiting to be sponsored:
born around end 2009

Authorities found Ekolo in Kinshasa and thought he was a bonobo. He was sent to J.A.C.K. in November 2010 thanks to the kindness of Sanctuary Lola ya Bonobo

Born approx. early 2012

No-one dared buying her on the streets of the city which proves J.A.C.K. victory in stopping the trade of apes in Southern DR CONGO!


 Born prob. end 2008

Kimo belonged to a high ranking DRC official and was handed over to J.A.C.K. with severe neurological issues. He couldn't climb a tree as he had no strength in his hands.


Born in 2011

Luna was very young when she arrived : she was so small and weak she couldn't walk ! Also, when J.A.C.K. rescued her, she was ready to be flown as a pet to the US.


Born in 2009

Lynn was first seen on the camp of a mining company and her owner was going to kill her and eat her when J.A.C.K. arrived to rescue her.


 Born prob. in 2012

When he arrived, baby Mata was deeply traumatized and had severe skin issues (he hd lost most of his haiir!). It took him months to recover physically and mentally!


Born in 2007

Tommy arrived at J.A.C.K. with a severe bone infection and the injury was so bad we thought he wouldn't make it!


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