Help feed our rescued primates

Since J.A.C.K. organized the largest primate rescue of Africa by repatriating 20 Congolese monkeys confiscated in Zimbabwe in February 2021, the sanctuary has officially become a REHABILITATION CENTRE FOR PRIMATES generally speaking. 

More than 30 chimpanzees reside at J.A.C.K. and the sanctuary also looks after 8 prosimians (thick tailed galagos) and more than 30 monkeys. All are endemic species of the DRCongo and most of them are endangered species (golden-bellied mangabeys, agile mangabeys, etc.)
J.A.C.K. has to provide a minimum of 280kg of food per day to all these rescued orphans. They are all leaf eaters but some are very keen on fruits, seeds, eggs...

Support our residents and offer THEM their favourite treats  

BANANAS (40kg)

$ 20 USD

ORANGES (20kg)

$ 35 USD

GRAPES (4 kg)

$ 13 USD

PINEAPPLE (1piece)

$ 5 USD


$ 30 USD

PEANUTS (10kg)

$ 30 USD

EGGS (30 pieces)

$ 4 USD

SEEDS (1kg)

$ 6 USD

WATERMELON (1 piece)

$ 10 USD

Thank YOU for THEM!
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