Great news for today!

YES, thanks to additional donors, our French charity has managed to collect the needed funds to buy 1 year of antibiotics and deworming drugs for our 38 orphans. Isn't that great??? We are so happy as these medicines will help us so much in the coming months to face flu outbreaks and to provide our orphan friends with their regular deworming treatment (3 to 4 times/year).

Again, we would like to thank following donors whose aid made this dream come true:

Patti C, Susana P, Marie-Odile L, Céline L, Valérie L, Aurora D, Wanda H, Amy M, Oliver T, Alain S, Anonymous 1, Anonymous 2, Valérie S, Geneviève H, Jean-Charles D and Carine LT. Dear Friends of JACK, thanks to your kindness we managed to raise a bit more than the 800€ ( 894 USD) that we needed and we are extremely grateful for your Love and support! Your donation will help JACK a lot! 
Thank YOU for THEM!


Roxane, co-founder of the sanctuary, will fly to France next month to get all the purchased drugs and will bring them back to the Democratic Republic of the CONGO! She will update and post pictures of the purchased  medecines . Again, thank you all for your help! You rock!