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Posté par J.A.C.K. Sanctuaire le mardi, août 2, 2016, In : picture of the day 

There is nothing like a tender and warm hug to start a good week!
Alpha female Shasa is hugging Jac.

24.03 030

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Have a great Sunday!

Posté par J.A.C.K. Sanctuaire le dimanche, juillet 31, 2016, In : picture of the day 

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Updates on fundraising (1)

Posté par J.A.C.K. Sanctuaire le vendredi, juillet 22, 2016, In : Fundraising 
UPDATES ON OUR FUNDRAISING - Many many thanks to our friends who are helping us buying antibiotics and dewroming drugs for our orphans. So far, a bit more than 70% of the donations has been reached!

Chela House, Amy, Oliver T and Wanda H : your support has been really appreciated and will help us bring the difference!
Thank YOU for THEM!

In case you want to help our sanctuary, join us on the following link :

ROSIE merci

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New developments thanks to FBB___________

Posté par J.A.C.K. Sanctuaire le jeudi, juillet 14, 2016, In : developments 
As mentionned several weeks ago, J.A.C.K. was granted some funds by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation to improve the open air playground of the Nursery II Project.

In 2016, this famous Foundation indeed decided to sponsor the first steps of the new playground: (1) fencing the enclosure & clearing tree stumps and building (2) two jungle gyms as well as a (3) pond.

Today, works have started and we can already show you what we have achieved so far .

Old tree stumps have been cleared...

... fences were ...

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