As mentionned several weeks ago, J.A.C.K. was granted some funds by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation to improve the open air playground of the Nursery II Project.

In 2016, this famous Foundation indeed decided to sponsor the first steps of the new playground: (1) fencing the enclosure & clearing tree stumps and building (2) two jungle gyms as well as a (3) pond.

Today, works have started and we can already show you what we have achieved so far .

Old tree stumps have been cleared...

... fences were fixed in a concrete foundation


... thanks to our wonderful team of bricklayers, welder and ppainter, the first playtower has been set up, fixed, welded and painted!


Our sanctuary is extremely grateful to the Brigitte bardot Foundation since it is helping us improve daily life of our rescued friends. JA.C.K. is still waiting for the pre-release land that was promised by the government years ago and because the orphans are growing, we have to adjust our sanctuary to their needs!

Thank you again and again, Brigitte Bardot Foundation for your wonderful support! Your good heart and interest into our action make us achive great things in a country constantly at war and where so many things are missing.

Thank YOU for THEM !