As most of you already know, our NGO lives only through donations and doesn't receive any help from the local government. Donations and adopters' aid enable us buying some food but since our country is going through tough times(political unrest causing deep economic recession) it is getting very hard to provide the chimps with the best care. Of course we receive some funds from different institutions abroad, but these are meant to develop our sanctuary and don't cover any food/veterinary care.

Many things are missing or have become costly because of the economic situation of the DRC. This is the case, for example, of medication: antibiotics for instance are either expensive if they are imported from Europe or, on the contrary, they are extremely cheap as they are pirated products!

Therefore, 'Les Amis de JACK', our French charity (Friends of JACK), launched yesterday a fundraising appeal to help us buy antibiotics and deworming products in France. All these drugs are unaffordable here in Lubumbashi (DRC) ans some don't even exist!

Any help would be appreciated! The raised funds would cover one year of deworming drugs (chimps are dewormed 3 - 4 times a year) and of antibiotics mainly used during the  two main flu outbreaks of January and July.

Donations can be sent via :

* the French fundraising appeal :

* or straight onto JACK's PAYPAL account.

Remember any aid would be appreciated! Every day Franck and I do our best to keep happy and healthy the 38 souls we have rescued but we are currently facing so many issues pushing us to give up rather than to motivate us...

Thank YOU for what YOU can do to help us giving THEM the best.