Several weeks ago, younsters of a Lubumbashi suburb came to do some community work at J.A.C.K.. Their group usually participates to clean up efforts throughout their part of the town and they decided to come and help our sanctuary.

Our team of course cheerly  welcomed the great initiative as well as the group made of teenagers essentially.

Upon arrival, they were briefed on the different security and hygiene measures. The teenagers were divided into smaller groups and were given different tasks.


Some painted part of our new facilities that hadn't been painted yet.




And others cut grass ....


...cleaned the complex.


It was a whole day of joy and laughter! All our guests even asked to come back and  help again. An educational session on chimps and their Conservation is scheduled for all of them soon.It is a chance to have motivated youngsters like them to spread awareness as they can help make people understand bushmeat, poaching, cutting forests and killing wildlife is wrong!


Thank you all for coming and helping J.A.C.K.! 
It was great having you at the sanctuary!!