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Last updates on our fundraising event

Posté par J.A.C.K. Sanctuaire le samedi, juillet 30, 2016, In : Fundraising 
Great news for today!

YES, thanks to additional donors, our French charity has managed to collect the needed funds to buy 1 year of antibiotics and deworming drugs for our 38 orphans. Isn't that great??? We are so happy as these medicines will help us so much in the coming months to face flu outbreaks and to provide our orphan friends with their regular deworming treatment (3 to 4 times/year).

Again, we would like to thank following donors whose aid made this dream come true:

Patti C, Susana P, ...

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Updates on fundraising (1)

Posté par J.A.C.K. Sanctuaire le vendredi, juillet 22, 2016, In : Fundraising 
UPDATES ON OUR FUNDRAISING - Many many thanks to our friends who are helping us buying antibiotics and dewroming drugs for our orphans. So far, a bit more than 70% of the donations has been reached!

Chela House, Amy, Oliver T and Wanda H : your support has been really appreciated and will help us bring the difference!
Thank YOU for THEM!

In case you want to help our sanctuary, join us on the following link :

ROSIE merci

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Help us take care of THEM ______

Posté par J.A.C.K. Sanctuaire le mercredi, juillet 20, 2016, In : Fundraising 
As most of you already know, our NGO lives only through donations and doesn't receive any help from the local government. Donations and adopters' aid enable us buying some food but since our country is going through tough times(political unrest causing deep economic recession) it is getting very hard to provide the chimps with the best care. Of course we receive some funds from different institutions abroad, but these are meant to develop our sanctuary and don't cover any food/veterinary care...
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