My name Mata.

I am a male chimpanzee of nearly 3 years old.

I am currently the youngest orphan of J.A.C.K. chimpanzee Sanctuary and I am also the 

latest newcomer.

So far most of my chimp friends have been adopted. And this makes me very jealous as

no one ever asks about me, no one has ever wondered how I have been progressing

since my arrival at J.A.C.K. in April 2014...

Would you like to be my friend? Would you adopt me? I would be so happy! 

This is how to proceed: 

Adoptions  usually cover periods of 6 and 12 months. And, of course, any adoption can be renewed!

Adoption fees are of 15 USD per month and pay for both food & veterinary costs. 

Also, once you have become my new "family member", you will receive your Adoption Certificate, my biography, recent pictures of me and your 2016 personalised New Year's present!

Still ready to adopt me? 


So, fill in & send the form below and go through payment procedure. Payment takes place via Paypal: you can select either 6 or 12months of adoption. Be careful: once you select "add to cart", check that the correct daoption amount apprears, as Paypal seems to push people to buy!!

Thank you for your wish to help me and for becoming part of my life. I lost my mom and my family several months ago and I am very happy I can have someone who cares about me!


I adopt baby Mata for a period of:

I pay adoption fees via


Adoption Mata 6 months

$ 90 USD


Adoption Mata 1 year

$ 180 USD


Thank you so much!

I'll come back very soon with your New Year Present! 

- Mata -

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