THEY also deserve Easter treats 

It's Easter, offer THEM treats full of vitamins 

Last March, there was a huge flu outbreak in the Nursery group of our  Sanctuary and some had to be isolated for more than 2 weeks in a warm room to recover slowly by slowly. 

Rainy season is coming to an end and our cold, austral winter is knocking at our doors...

This is why fresh fruit full of vitamins would be more than welcome for our 38 residents!

However, since our country is still going through political unrest, DRC economy is in free fall and prices are increasing. All that juicy fruit is imported from Zambia mainly and  crossing the border already represents an increase in prices!

We therefore again call upon your generosity to provide our furry friends with a yummy Easter period rich in vitamins. 

How to help? 

You can help in 3 different ways : 

 (1) either offer a box of fuit, 

(2) sponsor a chimpanzee or offer the sponsorship as an Easter present to your friend 


(3) make a free donation.

_____________I offer some fruit____________

A box of bananas

$ 26 USD

There are usually a bit more than a hundred bananas in a box.

A box of oranges

$ 35 USD

There are about 86 small oranges in a box or 40 big ones. Everything depends on what boxes are available from Zambia

A box of apples

$ 40 USD

There are an average 110 apples in a box

_______I sponsor a chimpanzee_______

Sponsoring fees  help J.A.C.K. provide balanced and healthy food as well as appropriate veterinary care for the sponsored orphan. Our online adoption packs include your Adoption Certificate, the Biography of your sponsored friend and recent pictures/videos of him/her. Updates of your new friend are usually sent monthly.

Join our  furry friends who are longing to be sponsored on their Webpage

__________I donate__________
Our Sanctuary solely relies on donations. 
So every little bit counts and represents a lot to J.A.C.K. !

$ 5 USD

$ 10 USD


$ 20 USD

$ 50 USD

$ 60 USD

$ 100 USD

______________thank YOU for THEM  ! ____________


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