2015, November 9

To stop illegal trade of great apes is a priority if we want these species to survive and if we want our grand children to have the chance to see these creatures in their wild habitat. These are the reasons why Franck and I do work daily via our NGO, J.A.C.K..

Today, Franck is at the UN Complex of Nairobi where he is among the PASA delagates attending a meeting organised by PEGAS & GRASP. Our NGO has been a clue to stop ape trafficking throughout South DRC : 9 years ago, about 3 infant apes were taken from the wild to be sold in Lubumbashi or to cross the border. Today , and since 2010, no more chimps are  seen on sale in and around the city of Lubumbashi. It took us several years to reach this goal which hasn't been achieved without obstacles nor sacrifices...