2008, December 9th

Dear All,

It's high time I now tell you more about the constructions we have started and which are almost finished. As mentioned previously, everything had to be ready before the rains. But, in Africa, there are always - a few? - things that make you change your plans...



The chimps of the main group have recently been introduced to their new quarters.



This introduction took nearly one week as chimpanzees are very keen on routine and don't like when things are being changed brusquely.

Guess who first came inside? Do you think it was Chita, the dominant male? Or was it Shasa, the eldest female? Maybe little Wanza dared coming in first??? Who else?


Francky opening the gate

Well, here are the first moments: Chita came in first with Maya both hitting anxiously - but happily ! - the concrete floor of that new area.


Chita coming in first followed by Maya


Others such as SekiJac and Zamba stayed behind. It took them some time before deciding to discover their brand new environment...


Jac staying behind with Wimbi and Zamba


Seki hesitating

Chita came to meet Francky and hugged him several times as to thank him for the good job he has done...


Yes, what Francky has achieved for the last two months is just amazing. He worked day and night to finish what he had come for: to give the chimps of our Refuge better night facilities...


Thank You, Francky! Thank you so much for all that hard work !!


Today, the 13 chimps of our main enclosure seem happy. They have more space to sleep, to play and we also built them new nests.


Thanks to the different donors who helped us building this bigger and better place for the orphans of our Refuge JACK has made a tremendous step forward !!!

Thank you to all the people assisting and believing in us,