2008, August 21st

Dear Friends,

Good news! Faustin, the veterinary assistant who came with Tongo, is going to stay a bit longer.


Yes! He was due to leave early this morning. But, thanks to SAMANTHA who managed to change the flight, Faustin will be flying back to Kivu on Thursday 28th.


His presence here at J.A.C.K. is too important. Tongo is extremely young and we couldn't just let him starting this new life so abruptly.


Faustin is excellent and teaches a lot of things to Tongo. Our aim is to put Tongo with Jane sothat they spend their quarantine period together. Introducing chimps to one another - even if they are young - isn't an easy task. So, Faustin will help us to "smoothen" this experience.


Jane met Tongo already. She had a long stick and gently tried to touch Tongo. The little one didn't do anything - he just stared at Jane...


We really do appreciate Faustin. It is unusual to meet people overhere who are ready to save wildlife. And what Faustin does is just amazing: would you  know a lot of people who would leave their family and fly somewhere else in order to look after a chimpanzee 24 hours a day?? 


Faustin is an incredible model and many people should be like him.


Aksanti mingi, Faustin! Thank you for your help !


Roxane & Franck