2013, January 16

Dear Friends,

Several months ago, we shared wonderful news: IPPL and their sponsor, the Arcus Foundation, had offered J.A.C.K. a substantial donation to launch  the first steps of J.A.C.K. education center: the construction of two hut-shaped-buildings were offered thanks to their generosity. The two education huts have already had a great success; visitors do like them!

first education buildings

Today, and thanks to the 2012 grant of IPPL and the Arcus Foundation, our sanctuary has been able to build another education hut (the thrid one),  and a fourth is already planned for the coming weeks as the whole complex must be operationnal by June 2013 !

education hut 3

This new education building will be teaching visitors on primates generally speaking and also on monkeys of Africa & of Madagascar. One board will introduce the main theme of education hut 4: the Great Apes.

the world of the primates

some African primates

great apes
great apes

Again, just like in the other education huts, colourful boards are painted to attract people's interest. Moïse is the artist who has been working with us since the early beginning and he has become a real expert in drawing primates !

painter Moïse

In the middle of the hut a huge concrete gorilla is being built. Felix, the artist we are now working with, has been given the real measures of  an adult silverback which will for sure impress our future visitors!

concrete gorilla

More has to be done as you can see. At first, works were stopped because we had water issues (need water to prepare concrete) and today we are stuck because of heavy rains... But it seems the rains don't prevent visitors from coming at our sanctuary... Remember, J.A.C.K. charges no entrance fees and is among the few places  where Conservation is being taught for free...

despite the rain, visitors come for free at J.A.C.K.
despite the rain, visitors come for free at J.A.C.K.

Everything will be finished in the near future  and we are convinced the two new education buildings will have as much impact on our visitors as the two first ones.... The third education building was inaugurated last week (although not completely finished!) and all the visitors were delighted with the big gorilla, the drawings and the Conservation messages.

kids inaugurating the new education building
kids inaugurating the new education building
Conservation through Education
Conservation through Education

All that beautiful work wouldn't have been possible without our sponsors! Thank you again IPPL and the Arcus Foundation for your wish to participate into our action of saving endangered species!

Thank YOU for THEM!