2008, October 16th

riends of Jack,

We're still very , very busy with the construction of the new enclosures and we hope the works will end soon. J.A.C.K. is trying to get extra funds in order to finish everything as the kind donation we've received from the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust isn't enough. Prices have increased so much in the last few weeks and because the DRC doesn't produce any steel nor cement, everything has to be imported either from Zambia or from South Africa...


It has rained already a few times, which is good as, remember, I've told you this year the heat was unbearable!


Last week, our friend "Francky" (the one who has come from France to build the night facilities of the chimps)  got terribly sick. He actually had his first malaria and was completely down. So, the building programme had to be slowed down for a while.


We also have improved the playground of the main enclosure sothat our little friends can increase their strength, devellop their muscles.


It took us quite some time to fix a few things


but the chimps apparently fully enjoy their new playground.


Especially Shasa who seems the be "flying" from one game to another as her arms  and legs are soooo long !!!


As for Tongo and Jane, they are doing great. Both are finishing their treatments today and new samples will be taken to check everything. I really cross my fingers and will keep you posted !!!