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J.A.C.K. solely relies on donations and has no aid from the local government. Also, since the sanctuary is located in a scary part of the world where political unrest and insecurity are part of every day life, the aim of J.A.C.K. is to provide its furry residents with the best! 

Also, J.A.C.K. being a member of the PAN AFRICAN SANCTUARY ALLIANCE, donations can now take place in the USA via PASA's PAYPAL account. US donors will receive a TAX REDUCTION!
This is the reason why any support is welcome and represents a lot to the rescued apes. Donations help taking care of these orphaned chimpanzees and they enable the slowing down of the dreadful haemorrhage of the DRC forest wildlife! 

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As a member of our NGO, 
you will receive your 'Membership Certificate' 
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