The fundraiser for this Christmas Magic is now over since wonderful donors helped J.A.C.K. reach its goal. However, should you still wish to make a donation for our furry orphans, please, join us on the Paypal link below.
Thank YOU!

        Be  THEIR    MAGIC  of    

Festive Season is fast approaching.  Make of this period a moment of Love, a moment of Sharing.
This year for Christmas we would like to offer our team new uniforms and, to our 'hairy' residents,  5 boxes of fresh oranges 

Our team greatly needs new uniforms.

A new uniform costs 31.25 USD. 

Because all our team members (nine people) must have their uniforms to be renewed, J.A.C.K. is  desperately looking for 281.25 USD to make its workers happy & motivated and to offer them a small Christmas present too! 


 Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which is excellent during flu season! 

Also, oranges are the chimps' favourite fruit However, they are unaffordable to us. 

A box costs 41.5 USD. Since 5 boxes of 40 oranges would represent 1 week of vitamin C (1orange/day/chimp), we need 207.5 USD to offer our residents this great Christmas present!

Be part of the Christmas Magic and make a donation of your choice!

 I donate for the uniforms 
  I donate for the   oranges 
Thank YOU so much for our team and for our 'hairy' friends!

  Happy  Hollydays to All  


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