Make the best Christmas present ever  !

To support a chimpanzee means to provide your sponsored friend with the balanced food and the appropriate vet care he/she needs monthly. 

Since J.A.C.K. is located in a country constantly shaken by insecurity and political unrest, finding decent food and medication is a daily challenge!

This is the reason why fees to sponsor one chimpanzee at J.A.C.K. are of 15USD/month. Sponsorship covers a minimum period of 6 months/1 year and can be of course renewed ... 

Online sponsoring pack includes your Sponsorship  Certificate as well as the Biography and a recent picture of your new fiend. Also, regular updates of your sponsored chimpanzee are usually sent monthly via email.


Also, J.A.C.K. being a sanctuary member of the 


sponsorship/donations can be made via PASA's PAYPAL account and US donors get a tax deduction!  

Read their stories, select a chimpanzee and join our Sponsors' Family!
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